Birthday Gift Options Your New Teen Driver Is Sure To Value

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Since your teen will be licensed on their next birthday, they will likely appreciate receiving gifts that are associated with their newfound freedom on the road. They may prefer new CDs or seat covers, but if you're like most parents you are more inclined to gift them with something that will help keep them safe as a driver. By focusing on both safety and needs, you can offer a gift that your teen will actually use and at the same time encourage safe, responsible driving.

14 June 2016

How To Patch Plastic Bumpers And Doors

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Many people hire professionals for all of their autobody repair. But, what do you do when you just have a small hole or ding in your plastic? These small holes will not lead to rusting since there is no metal involved. However, that does not mean you need to just live with these unsightly defects. If you can learn how to repair dings on the plastic parts of your car, you can maintain a nicer looking surface.

7 April 2016

Designing A Cooling System To Protect And Enhance Your Engine's Performance

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If you, or your mechanic, are installing a high performance engine system, then you know that having all that power will mean that you need a cooling system that can handle it. High performance engine compartments can get extremely hot and need special considerations when it comes to cooling systems. Factory cooling systems may not be sufficient for your engine and could contribute to poor performance and overheating. Here are some ideas on some of the cooling system components that you might want your mechanic to install.

4 March 2016

4 Instances Where You Should Call A Tow Truck

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When people think about calling a tow truck, it is usually only when their car breaks down on the side of the road. However, there are actually many reasons you can and should call a tow truck for their assistance. Here are some other reasons to call your local tow company, such as Double L Towing, for assistance. Your Tire is Flat Your vehicle might not be completely broken down, but if you get a flat tire, a tow truck driver will come by to help you out.

1 February 2016

3 Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Your Truck Lover

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Do you have a loved one who spends a lot of time in their truck? Do they constantly use it for work or to complete big projects around the house? If you have a truck lover in your family, you may be thinking that a truck accessory or a piece of truck equipment would make the perfect gift. Some pieces of truck equipment can get costly, though. Things like new hitches or bed covers may be out of your budget.

17 December 2015

How To Inspect The Transmission On An Older Car

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Late fall is the time when some people go out and buy an older used car to drive over the winter rather than using a newer shiny car. If you are looking to get an older car to drive through the snow and slush this winter, you have to make sure you carefully inspect the used vehicles before you buy one. An older used car is typically nearing the end of its useful life, and you could be facing costly repairs to make sure it gets through the winter.

7 October 2015

3 Ways To Sell Your Car Fast While Getting The Most Money For It

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If you want to sell your vehicle and get the most money you can out of it, there are some changes you want to make to help you get top dollar. You want to make sure the car looks and rides its best when someone comes to test drive it.     Sell Privately Sell privately instead of taking the car to trade it in at a dealership. There are so many free online ways to sell your vehicle now, with social media, online classifieds and garage sale sites that you don't have to pay to put your vehicle in a magazine or newspaper.

2 September 2015